5 Best Android Apps For Domestic Assistant – Remote Manipulate Your House

Home Assistant (HASS) one of the fine open-supply home automation systems available nowadays, other than perhaps OpenHAB. This python based smart domestic automation platform integrates with over a thousand services and additives, making it drastically more flexible than industrial clever domestic hubs together with SmartThings, Wink, or Vera. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of Home Assistant is the shortage of cellular-friendliness. Commercial hubs tout person-pleasant mobile apps that make things quite simple. Even OpenHAB has an reliable cell app. HASS, but, is based on mobile-pleasant WebUI. If you have a number of additives or run your HASS on low-energy gadgets consisting of Raspberry Pi, the web interface lag on cellular devices may be quite stressful. Enter those exquisite Android apps for Home Assistant, existence receives simpler.

Why use Android Apps? – Apps vs Dashboards

So obviously, there are a few exact Android apps for HASS. But why might you want to apply them? Personally, I use them due to the fact they’re loads simpler to use than commencing the WebUI on cellular telephones. I run my domestic assistant on Docker and on an AMD 5350 based Ubuntu Home Server. Even with a exceedingly properly server and new Pixel 3 phone, the interface became laggy. So there’s one reason to apply mobile apps to manipulate Home Assistant.

Android Apps for Home Assistant

There is some other angle to this: Dashboards (eg. HADashboard or Tilepanel). Dashboards are modular interfaces for Home Assistant which can be intended to be on wall mounted gadgets (eg. Tablets). These can act as manage facilities for your home. In the beyond, setting up Home Assistant dashboards turned into not a venture for the mild-hearted. I might say, that is still real. But simply as new HASS Android customers have arise these days, so have dashboards for Home Assistant.

Tileboard Dashboard for Home Assistant

Android Apps for Home Assistant and Dashboards can have special functions. The goal of this submit isn’t always to cowl dashboards for wall mounting. I wish to cowl domestic assistant dashboards in a separate post. The objective of this publish is most effective to look at Home Assistant cell apps which might be to be had nowadays. [Read: How to feature an lively Weather Radar on Home Assistant?]

Best Android Apps for Home Assistant

I commenced the use of HASS in December of 2017. I changed into so inquisitive about it that I decided to rebrand my whole internet site and cover greater on Smart Home topics, mainly Home Assistant. At that time there has been simplest one cell app to be had for Home Assistant – HomeAssist. Over the previous few months, several new Android home assistant clients have come alive. In this submit, I will share my enjoy on a number of the Android Apps for Home Assistant.

Note that, this is area is seeing a variety of energetic development. I will strive my excellent to maintain this publish up to date with modern statistics. These apps should paintings for any model of Home Assistant, along with HASS.io Hass OS.

1. Ariela

Right of the bat, permit me inform you that nowadays, this is the excellent Android Home Assistant consumer. I loved it and did no longer hesitate to improve to the ad-unfastened version to help the development. The developer seems to be extremely lively and responsive.

Ariela – Home Assistant Android Client (greater screenshots here)

After beginning the app and connecting the use of your HASS URL, username, and password, the app takes a couple of minutes to load up the UI icons. After the primary begin, this was one of the slickest HASS Android apps that I have used. Not only is it vivid, colourful, slick, and simple, it’s also one of the most featureful apps.

  • Build-in MQTT client that can send telephone fame (battery, wifi fame, location, and so on.) to Home Assistant for automation based totally in your telephone fame.
  • Support for RGB entities
  • Support for Alarm Panel
  • Support for brand new AUTH gadget
  • Ability to create widgets of favourite sensors / switches and many others.
  • Ability to distinguish between nearby network and out of doors network(different wifi, 3G, 4G)
  • Lovelace configuration guide
  • Device Tracker guide
  • push notifications

Unlike, maximum different Android apps for home assistant, Ariela supports the brand new Lovelace UI. However, at this time handiest limited support is to be had for custom cards. Ariela has a integrated device tracker primarily based on GPS / Wifi, which can be integrated with Zones on HASS for area-based totally automations. Therefore, the isn’t any need for separate apps along with Owntracks for this motive.

Ariela is actively developed and you can comply with its updates on this community thread.

What I liked:

  • Slickest off all apps I attempted, with a excellent searching UI
  • Built-in device tracker (GPS/Wifi)
  • Lovelace UI aid
  • Built in MQTT sensorsfor cell tool (eg. battery, call state, and so forth.)
  • Persistant connection

What I didn’t like:

  • Ariela Pro is a separate app. When I paid and moved to the ad-loose version, there was no manner to import settings from the free model. I needed to set it up all over again. It took best about five minutes though.
  • Does not show the default Home view.

Ariela is my favorite app for viewing and controlling Home Assistant on my Android smartphone.

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2. WallPanel

WallPanel is my 2d favourite cell customer for Home Assistant. The app’s call is more indicative of a dashboard use. But it really works notable as a cell phone app. It is an open-supply Android utility for web-based dashboards and home automation structures consisting of Home Assistant. While it may assist different automation structures, the number one platform appears to be HASS.

WallPanel Android Client for HASS

Once installed and related, this Android Home Assistant app renders the HASS web-ui the usage of Android’s native WebView feature. The advantage here is that HASS will look quite a good deal as equal as it seems on a browser. In my trying out, I observed this app to be a great deal greater responsive than opening Home Assistant Web-UI on Android’s Chrome browser. Like, Ariela, WallPanel additionally helps numerous advanced features:

  • Camera assist for streaming video, movement detection, face detection, and QR Code studying.
  • Google Text-to-Speech aid to speak notification messages the use of MQTT or HTTP.
  • MQTT or HTTP instructions to remotely manage device and alertness (url, brightness, wake, and so on.).
  • Sensor statistics reporting for the device (temperature, light, stress, battery).
  • Streaming MJPEG server help using the tool camera.

Like Ariela, WallPanel also helps exporting tool situations consisting of battery percent the use of MQTT. However, it has a few other specific features. You can partly control your Android tool the use of MQTT. It is also viable to livestream your mobile phone digicam to home assistant. In essence, you could make your cellular cellphone act as a safety digicam. These precise features make WallPanel one of the pleasant Android Home Assistant clients. If these functions are vital to you, then WallPanel can be a higher alternative than Ariela.

What I liked:

  • Slicker than WebUI on Chrome
  • Built-in camera streaming
  • Lovelace supported – as the local HASS UI is opened in Android WebView
  • Built in MQTT sensorsfor cellular device (eg. battery, name country, etc.)
  • Persistant connection
  • Widget available

What I failed to like:

  • No tool tracker
  • Slower than Ariela
  • No widgets aid
  • No UI customization

WallPanel is my 2d preferred Android app for Home Assistant.

three. HomeAssist

HomeAssist become (I assume) the first to be had Android consumer for Home Assistant. I used it for several months. It has a brilliant, colourful, easy, and particularly customizable interface based totally on material design. Apart from being a incredible cell app for Home Assistant, HomeAssist is likewise an notable desire to setup a dashboard without difficulty.

HomeAssist Android HASS Client

Problem with HomeAssist is that the ultimate replace became in February 2018. A lot has happened within the HASS international because then. One of the largest changes being the move from a legacy API password system to a full-fledged consumer-based authentication device. The new authentication gadget is not supported by HomeAssist and therefore you will ought to leave legacy API password guide enabled on Home Assistant for this to paintings.

What I appreciated:

  • Nice customizable and modular UI
  • Slick
  • Widget available

What I didn’t like:

  • No superior features – device tracker, MQTT sensors, and so forth.
  • Slower than Ariela
  • No latest updates
  • No assist for more recent authentication system
  • No persistent connection

At this point, I am leaving HomeAssist because the 0.33 desire. However, if the app isn’t up to date and does not assist a number of the more moderen functions of Home Assistant, I see this being moved down the listing or even now not recommended.

Update (January 15, 2019): A new app (HomeAssist-ng) based on HomeAssist is now available. Although it permits token based totally authentication, some users have stated troubles logging in.

four. HomeHabit

HomeHabit (formerly called Project Rotini) is designed to be a dashboard and therefore works very differently than a number of the apps indexed above. It is presently in Beta. HomeHabit clever domestic dashboard allows you to connect and control numerous popular platforms which include Home Assistant and OpenHAB. Experimental assist is to be had for Domoticz, Vera, and Wink.

HomeHabit – Android Client for HASS

When searching at HomeHabit as an Android app for Home Assistant, some of the likes and dislikes indexed beneath will need to be considered in the mild of this app’s number one cause, that is to provide a Home Assistant dashboard and no longer a cell patron.

What I preferred:

  • Highly customizable UI – Infact you need to construct your dashboard from scratch
  • Slick
  • Import/Export settings choice to be had
  • Support for more than just Home Assistant Platform
  • Fairly active network

What I didn’t like:

  • No superior capabilities – device tracker, MQTT sensors, and many others.
  • Requires prematurely paintings to construct the dashboard
  • No widgets
  • Free model lets in one platform only

I am listing it right here as HomeHabit works on Android devices. However, this will now not be my choice for controlling Home Assistant with Android cellphone.

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five. Voice Panel

Voice Panel is a completely different animal among Android customers for Home Assistant. It is an open supply Voice Assistant for Home Assistant, powered with the aid of the Snips voice platform. Snips presents non-public and customizable voice assistant technology regionally (with out using a cloud). [Read: Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which is higher for clever domestic manipulate?]

Voice Panel permits you to control or take a look at your alarm gadget, lights, windows, blinds, switches, test reputation, and climate among different matters.

Voice Panel Android Client for HASS

Conversation is initiated the use of the wake-phrase “Hey, Snips” or using face detection. All messages are forwarded to Home Assistant the use of MQTT. Here are some of the opposite key capabilities:

  • Allows use of digital camera for streaming video, dtect movement / faces, and study QR codes
  • Supports MQTT Alarm Panel to control Alarm machine
  • MQTT commands to remotely control the utility (speak text, play audio, ship notifications, alerts, and so on.)
  • Device sensor information reporting over MQTT (temperature, light, stress, battery, and so on.)
  • MQTT Day/Night mode primarily based at the solar cost reported from Home Assistant
  • MQTT weather information to display weather stated from Home Assistant

As you can see, some superior capabilities (eg. MQTT device situations, camera streaming) are covered as in Ariela or WallPanel. Voice Panel is currently an early release and nonetheless being worked on.

What I liked:

  • Voice Control of HASS
  • Slick after preliminary load
  • Voice or face activated
  • Built-in digicam streaming

What I failed to like:

  • No tool tracker
  • No widgets

While voice manipulate of HASS is the individuality of this app, my situation is that the identical functionality may be effortlessly finished through integrating Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa into Home Assistant. For me, the other features of Voice Panel do not stand up towards Ariela or WallPanel. But for others, this may be the one. [Read: 6 nice smart speakers for 2017: Speakers to your smart domestic]

Android Home Assistant Clients – Final Thoughts

As already mentioned, my favored HASS consumer is Ariela with WallPanel being a close 2d. HomeAssist (or HomeAssist-ng) is a distant third. HomeHabit and Voice Panel target a very one-of-a-kind experience and they may be better appropriate as a Home Assistant dashboard than cell app. If you are interested in a dashboard, then there are several greater alternatives than HomeHabit or Voice Panel. These could be protected in a separate publish.

There are several extra excellent things available for use with Home Assistant. Awesome Home Assistant is a amazing useful resource to comply with and preserve tune of things you can want to have on your setup. For now even though, I desire this listing of Home Assistant well matched Android apps was useful to you.

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